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tv   Action News 430 AM  ABC  July 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> breaking on this monday july 13, european leaders announce a deal to bail out greece. >> the body of a missing boater is pulled out of a delaware river we'll have a live report. coming up, reports say donovan mcnabb has been suspended from his tv job because of another dui arrest. good morning 4:30, david murphy is off let's head over to karen rogers and matt pellman, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're not 100% dry but we're close
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we can see a sprinkle that moved in north of dover and south of dover, south and west of the city we're watching for a brief passing shower own satellite and radar. you can see this in motion, most of this will miss philadelphia, watch for a brief shower and again this afternoon. most of today is a day -- dry day, temperatures in the upper # 0s # 4 philadelphia. 67 in allentown and millville. doesn't feel too bad ju just yet. the humidity will rise a little bit, partly sunny and humid high of 87 degrees, tonight we're watching for a chance of a passing shower and mostly cloudy skies, bigger storms coming tomorrow details on that coming up matt. >> reporter: i welcome back, with what you personally ask going to like. >> the vine. >> reporter: the vierch -- vine street expressway is not
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scheduled to be closed until early august. that means on the vine all is vine on this monday morning all the lanes open, no extra construction and the traffic is moving nicely. same is true on i-95. speeds in the in the 50s and the schuylkill. no issues on the boulevard either. we have an overturned tractor-trailer on the northeast extension northbound past the mid county toll plaza taking out the left lane. water main break at white hall road and williams way. the good old ben franklin bridge we are out the right lane there the one right lane for the morning rush, when he can expect westbound delays. >> breakerring no this morning younger leaders have agreed on a bailout deal for greece. the officials say it means
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serious reforms and financial support. it means they will not have to leave the euro. the possibility of that happening had worldwide markets on edge for weeks. greek banks have been shut down for a week. the people of greece are faced with limits on atm withdrawals. >> new this morning a woman and a pet dog escaped a fast-moving house fire in montgomery county. the action cam was in hatfield township before 2:00 a.m. firefighters contained the flames to the basement. no injuries were reported. >> fox sports suspended donovan mcnabb following his second dui arrest in two years. he was cited for a fender bender in arizona nobody was hurt. fox sports said it suspended him indefinitely from his commentator role on the network.
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mcnabb served a day in jail in 2013 for dui. a gunman wounded two people in logan last night. the victims were found at 10:00 p.m. the victims a man and woman are in the hospital in stable condition. the gunman remains on the loose. >> what was supposed to be a fun day on the delaware instead ended in tragedy. boater went missing when the coast guard recovered his body from the water. katherine scott is live along the delaware in national park gloucester county. >> reporter: good morning, tam multiple agencies helped in the search, family members say 46-year-old chris allen had gone swimming here before, but yesterday he jumped in the water and never reassure faced. dawn miller was in national park and saw people rushing to help.
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she learned that chris allen has been pulled under from the current he jumped off the boat from the sand bar without a life vest. >> another gentleman who seen him go down and tried to get over to him just as he got over to him he got sucked down again. the father of 4 took this picture on saturday. he it was a strong swimmer who went out often. the new jersey straight police and the marine searched the unit. all boats were told to stay in place at 1:30 when rescue cruise were rushed to help. >> people were saying somebody was drowning. >> very distraught. we all were. >> reporter: the search lasted around 7 hours his body was recovered around 8:30 last night. live in national park, katherine
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scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, katherine. developing right now two diplomats involved with the iran nuclear talks say negotiators plan to announce a deal today it would curb the nuclear program in returns for sanction relief. once the deal is completed a final agreement would be open to review by officials in iran and the 6 world powers at the talks including the united states. one powerful drug lord is on the lam, joaquin "el chapo" guzman escaped a prison. >> reporter: mexico's most notorious drug lord is a wanted man again. joaquin "el chapo" guzman pulled off a story book jailbreak for
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the second time. else the most powerful drug leader in mexico. he slipped into a tenl complete with ventilation and lights and motorcycle on rails helped him to dig him out in a covert tunnel nearly a mile long connected to this house. the cartel has a team of engineers and miners who dug over 100 tunnels in mexico. he spent 13 years after a previous prison escape. he was paraded in handcuffs after capturing last year. joaquin "el chapo" guzman is head of the drug cartel behind one quarter of all the illegal drugs smuggled and sold in the united states, his criminal empire is claimed of tens of thousands of deaths from drug overdoses and murders.
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guzman is wanted on multiple drug trafficking indictments in the u.s., loretta lynch offered mexico help to put him behind bars. that won't be easy. he can draw on a fortune of more than a billion dollars to bank roll life on the lam. >> "good morning america" is following this manhunt "g.m.a." is start at 7:00 after "action news." a new presidential candidate will enter the race today, another lace out an economic -- lays out an economic plan. >> wildlife officials rescue a bear in the rockies. it didn't happen too gracefully. mother nature strikes lightning at a baseball game.
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>> reporter: we have showers in the forecast coming up next.
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>> whew, this is video of a lightning bolt striking a baseball stadium score board in
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pensacola, florida. there was no game going on at the time. the storm caused at least two thousand power outages in that area of florida. >> frightening to look at. >> reporter: we did a lot of baseball watching ourselves, we had the storm tracker 6 live app while we were out there. we had a shower that survived wilmington and crossing into southern new jersey, near vineland. it's not a big deal, a passing shower south and west of the city this morning as we are seeing right now. let's go outside and see what it looks like, sky6 live hd penns landing, the christopher columbus monument. the 64 degrees, pumping up warm arena humid air mass not used to for this this time of the air. temperature, 74 in the lehigh valley upper 60s millville
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new jersey, as well. and the low 70s down the shore. anytime you get over 60 degrees with the dewpoint it feels sticky. that's the way it's feeling right now at 64 degrees, you're starting to feel a little bit of the summer humidity with the satellite 6 and action radar we have a fair amount of clouds and sunshine. you'll seal the showers from the system that's down to the southwest. we'll get clipped by a passing shower south and west of the city. not a big deal that's for the morning. later on we get the chance of showers, today is mostly dry. we advance future tracker 6 to 9:00 a.m. we can see a better chance of scattered showers. today is a day that's mostly dry, but the next couple of days get unsettled. tuesday morning a chance of a shower, swells tuesday afternoon. tuesday at 1:30, we have stronger storms as the front approaches.
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you can see the areas of red and purple. wednesday, we're looking at early in the morning a front coming through, as well. we have shots of showers and thunderstorms over the next couple of days. here we are with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it is warm and humid today. today is a day that's mostly dry, we get a passing shower south and west of the city this morning. a chance for a shower later on today. most areas are staying dry. i'll be in the pool today 87 degrees for the high. tomorrow chance of a shower and thunderstorms. kind of book ends. we'll get it early in the morning and again later in the day, 85 degrees for the high, not raining all day. wednesday, sticky, chance of showers and thunderstorms once again. 85 degrees for the high, thursday things break it's less humid, sunny skies 84, can't beat it. warming up on friday, partly sunny, 88 degrees. looking dry and looking good. saturday, warm and humid, 88 chance of a shower or
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thunderstorm. sunday looks mostly sunny skies 89 degrees, a pretty good weekend looking ahead. of although, as you might expect this time of the year, turning up that humidity, you know what it's not oppressive humidity, you're just noticing it. >> stay ahead of the changes in the weather by visiting you can find live satellite images and street-level radar and get a personal look at our accuweather team by following them on facebook and twitter. market east makeover, we'll be following that this week. the 500 million-dollar redevelopment will combine office space and retail stores and dining. president obama will be in philadelphia tomorrow addressing the naacp national convention. the annual meeting wraps up on
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wednesday. the proposal to increase surveillance camden -- cameras in camden will top the city council meeting. the mayor credits the cameras with cutting gun violence and homicide since 2012. of. >> time for the first look at business at the big board. which a -- choptle is looking for pork from the uk, but looking for a domestic supplier who raises pork humanely and doesn't use gmos. satoru iwata the creator of any
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kind -- credit of nintendo has passed away at the age of 55. u.s. airways will cease to be a brand this fall. the last flight will be october 17 from san francisco to philadelphia. customers booked on u.s. airways flights after october 17 will get a new flight with aa code. a photographer captured this rescue of a bear that got stuck in a tree. while it fell waiting to be caught it almost looked like it was waving to the crowd. an art exhibit by embattled
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comedian bill could cosby will remain. >> a teacher in philadelphia who lost her job because she is gay. we'll have that story when we come right back.
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>> >> reporter: i hope you had a nice weekend might be the 13th day of the month but we're
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hoping for a lucky ride into work this morning. so far the good luck is holding out. we had a disabled truck on 476 past the toll plaza. everything looking good from the poconos making the treck back. west norton, we have reports of a water main break at white hall road at williams way. we have construction on the vine street expressway, everything is open and clear in both directions between the schuylkill expressway and broad street. those closures are over until august at which point they will set the beams for the pedestrian court family court pedestrian bridge at that point you'll see overnight closures, for now they have ceased. do not worry there will be milling and paving going on between market and 30th street station and city hall and south broad that starts at 7:00 p.m.
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until 5:00 p.m. tam. >> thank you matt. happening today wisconsin governor scott walker will become the 15th candidate for president in 2016. he is expected to do very well for taking on labor unions. he ranked at the top of the presidential contenders in the polls. and leads the pack in iowa to the first presidential caucuses, in fact he'll campaign in iowa this week. presidential candidate hillary clinton will layout her plan in new york. the former first lady will unveil her proposal for paid family medical leave and increasing the federal minimum wage and tax relief for small business. she'll point back to the spike of middle class income that happened during the presidency of her husband bill clinton.
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the art collection of bill cosby will remain at the national museum for art. cosby's art makes up one-third of the 50th anniversary show. the comedian funded most of the display. the museum justified the exhibit saying the exhibit is about the artists, not cosby's life and career. we have news you didn't hear ahead on "action news." a deadly fire crash landed a person in handcuffs. >> a bank robber is caught because his unusual getaway didn't work out. introducing dunkin's new fruit smoothies.
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helping solve child hunger. they've earned their wings. and you can too. support feeding america and your local food bank at >> malala celebrated her 18 birthday for standing up for girl's education. yesterday the youngest nobel peace prize winner opened a school in syria. pakistani teen survived a 2012 attack by the taliban after she demanded education for girls. >> more than 100 people gathered to show their support for a teacher who believe she lost her job at a catholic school because of her same-sex marriage. a vigil was called for her.
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margie winters claims she lost her job because she is married to a woman. >> we're here to support margie and let her know what was done to her was unjust and discriminatory and unfair. >> i think it it's a shame that she was fired because she has been been such a great influencen all of us throughout our lives. >> the school said it recognizes the authority of the archbishop and the teaching and religion and must comply with the teachings. an alleged bank robber in oregon hopped into a taxi, but it didn't work. police captured on a busy highway. some drivers pulled over and snapped pictures of peaceful surrender. >> coming up on "action news," the overnight holdup at a center
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city restaurant. >> miss u.s.a. was crowned last night. we'll tell you about the winner later on "action news."
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good morning, it is 5:00 a.m. on this monday, july 13 we're following a developing story. >> police are on the look out for two bandits who held up a popular center city restaurant overnight. >> a stunning sight at the jersey shore when a plane makes an emergency landing in the middle of a busy roadway. >> the skies are generally clear, but accuweather is tracking showers moving our way later today. >> looks like christmas by the way, christmas in july. >> let's find out about weather from karen in for david and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: does that mean we get presents? >> if you're good. >> reporter: it's not a bad monday for july. we're starting out with clouds and


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